Backup and Recovery

The Need

In today’s data driven business environment there is an ever growing threat to every businesses’ IT systems.  The threats can be natural (fire, flood), equipment failure and increasingly malicious threats, e.g viruses, ransom-ware etc.

Every business needs to protect itself from these threats.

What to Do

Businesses must implement anti-viruses software on every computer, filter web sites and emails, install redundant power and data storage and more.

Above all else every business needs a robust backup and recovery process.  The backup and recovery process is the last line of defense and is by far the most important protection for businesses.

What is a good Backup & Recovery Process


  • Automated – removes reliance on staff
  • Reliable
  • On-site and Off-site
  • Easily managed
  • Fast recovery – little impact on the business
  • Configurable to meet specific business needs
  • Able to handle common cloud applications and on-premise applications
  • Provides good cost versus risk ratio


Available Solutions

CT Norwood partners with world class backup and recovery providers to offer cost effective backup & recovery solutions :

  • Backup to Cloud
  • Cloud-to-cloud (Office 365 & Google)
  • On-premise backup and to Cloud
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